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New technology developments offer exciting new possibilities to achieve more from your Telephony and enjoy attractive commercials.

In particular, Voice over IP Telephony (VoIP), which enables phone calls to be made over the Internet, breaks the expense and functional confines of traditional phone systems.

Quick Facts

Free calls to landlines and mobiles

Our VoIP systems free you from having traditional telephone hardware on site; instead we can host your telephone system directly on our servers in the cloud.

Setting up VoIP phone systems doesn’t mean expensive, long-term leases commonplace with traditional phone systems either. Amazingly, routing your calls over the Internet means that landline and mobile calls are also completely free of charge. Technology investment to make it possible is modest, with users being able to manage calls through their existing PC or traditional handset, whichever they prefer. We can even utilise your existing cabling.

For added protection, our intelligent software analyses all of your phone calls and detects any suspicious activity, alerting you to potential fraud or phone scams. It will even take remedial action in the event of something out of the ordinary, so you never need to worry about your phone bills running out of control.

There are no obligatory maintenance contracts, although should you choose, we can manage everything for you. Our excellent team offers added reassurance and will be quick to recover or replace any systems where necessary.

Your Gateway to Unified Comms

The VoIP solutions we deliver provide a great gateway into wider Unified Communications opportunities.

They are compatible with integrated communications platforms like Microsoft Skype for Business, enabling you to build on your solution as your needs change.