Structured Cabling

GITECH-Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Despite the wireless world in which we live, network cabling is still integral to the planning, designing, and implementation of an IT system. Knowing where to put access links and how to design an efficient network map, requires professional and experienced consultants. At Gitech, we have extensive experience in home and business environments. We provide all our clients with a high standard of planning and installation at affordable rates.

Structured network cabling is the planning, designing and installation of a cabling system that supports an organisation’s entire information system. These cabled systems carry voice, video and data signals throughout your organisation for fast and efficient network performance. Structured network cabling includes providing the necessary cabling and installations for computer systems, PBX telephone systems, CCTV cameras systems, and access control systems.

Our cabling services include:
  • Installation of new networks
  • Upgrades or improvements to existing networks
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Provision and installation of telephone extensions
  • Repairs to networks and cabling;
  • Fault finding
  • Installations of cables within walls and under floors
  • Set up of server rooms
  • Patch panel population
  • Rack installations & neatening

Structured cabling offers more flexibility in your network infrastructure by allowing you to add, remove or change hardware with ease. This means you can scale operations up or down without disrupting the rest of your network. Organising your network cabling also helps with troubleshooting any problems in your network for faster recovery and less business downtime.